The Project

Work for Biscuits is a new illustrated children's book series about dogs with jobs, from Laura Numeroff, the bestselling author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. She is also the author of Ponyella, The Jellybeans series, and many other children’s stories.

Raising a Hero, the first book in the series tells the story of a puppy who meets a little boy — his puppy raiser — who helps him learn what it takes to become a service dog. Together they explore all kinds of places and discover strengths that can help others.

The book will be available as a hardcover, as well as an interactive app for iPad.

About Kickstarter

Work for Biscuits is on Kickstarter because it wouldn’t be possible to make otherwise. Laura’s editors liked an early manuscript about a therapy dog, but rejected the book saying it was more suitable for the ASPCA.

Laura has always wanted to write a series about dogs with jobs, and Kickstarter allows creative projects like Work for Biscuits to receive funding, connect with her audience, and make a direct impact.

Work for Biscuits is on Kickstarter Jan. 21 to Feb. 26 Learn More →

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